“Wrap me up in an Indian quilt
A Bengal kantha of rice fields waving
full and green against a monsoon sky
Borders south of Sundarban tiger eyes gleaming
And north an endless sky above Darjeeling
Tea gardens pulling me to shiver in Himalaya’s snows.
So wrap me tight against the cold.”


Elizabeth Decker

Elizabeth has entrusted half her heart to Bengal.

She was born in Darjeeling when Gandhi-ji and Tagore’s dreams of a new Indian day were rising over an endless horizon. She attended world-renowned Woodstock School in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains before returning to the USA for further studies.

Elizabeth followed her husband back to Bengal and raised two sons and a daughter on the Indian sub-continent. Her ten grandchildren, who affectionately call her “Nani”, have infused her with a future hope. As Tagore wrote, “For every child that is born, it brings with it the hope that God is not yet disappointed with man.”

Elizabeth believes that regardless of the diversity of our cultures, languages and ethnicities there are stories that connect us. These are the stories that are fleshed out in the lives of real people and as we share our stories we share our lives. Shared lives have the power to change our world.

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